Custom TEM Pole-pieces

Unlike light microscope lenses, made from precision ground glass, electron microscopes use intense magnetic fields to focus their beam. In these magnetic lenses, the field spills out across a gap between North and South magnetic poles.

The shape of the magnetic field in the gap is dictated by the size and shape of the ‘pole-pieces’ and so controlling these determines the lens performance. Some manufacturers of transmission electron microscopes (TEMs) use removable pole-pieces and in these instruments, the pole-piece can be exchanged for a custom design.

turboTEM have expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke TEM pole-pieces.

Microscopy and Analysis Cover

Pole-piece on lathe

New or Larger Ports, Bespoke Cryogenics

The objective lens of the TEM is not just an optical element. It needs to accommodate several other devices including; sample holders, x-ray detectors, cryogenic anti-contaminators / cryo-shields, and pumping ports.

Accommodating all the needs of the objective chamber can be challenging and introducing new or larger port openings may be needed for custom solutions.

Onshore Irish Manufacturing and Inspection

turboTEM aims to design and manufacture as many of our products as possible onshore in Ireland. Our custom pole-pieces are no different with around 90% of our bespoke parts made locally.

All our pole-pieces are individually serial numbered for full traceability throughout their lifetime. Each one comes with a test certificate of its critical dimensions and details of its manufacture.

UAP controller circuit board

Five user adjustable pole-pieces

The User Adjustable Pole-piece

The User Adjustable Pole-piece (UAP) is a unique innovation from turboTEM. It allows a single TEM pole-piece to adapt to the needs of diverse user groups. The UAP offers a user-selectable pole-gap from 1.5mm to 6.5mm, spaced in 5 equal pre-set steps.

UAP users can change the pole-gap without splitting the TEM column, maintaining high vacuum, and minimising downtime.

The UAP allows users to select their preferred trade-off between optimised resolution (smaller gaps) or optimised spectroscopy/tilting (larger gaps).

You can read more about the UAP at this dedicated page.

Why a Custom Pole-piece?

– Customise and update existing TEM columns.

– Expand the performance or flexibility of current instruments.

– Push the capabilities of flagship hardware beyond state-of-the-art.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment we have designed bespoke pole-pieces compatible with the JEOL series of TEMs. All modern 200/300kV columns are supported. We hope to add support for older columns and 120kV columns soon.