Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

At turboTEM, we prioritise corporate social responsibility (CSR) and our role in creating a sustainable future. In addition to our core values, we are committed to making a positive impact through our choices and business practices.

All our products are designed here in Dublin, Ireland. Our electronic products use standardised cables and power supplies that are modular, repairable or replaceable. We use lead-free components and solders throughout and seek to minimise any wasteful duplication.

We have partnered with Hometree, an Irish not-for-profit nature restoration charity, to plant a native tree with every order fulfilled. Hometree works to establish and conserve permanent native woodland in Ireland through restoration, afforestation, and education. Each end-user receives an individually named and traceable certificate, like the one below, showing the details of the tree pledged on their behalf.

Pulse with Certificate

Where possible, we source all our materials and fulfil all our manufacturing on the island of Ireland. Where this isn’t possible we use European suppliers as much as we can to minimise freight miles. Sourcing locally minimises transportation-related environmental impacts while supporting community growth and employment opportunities. To minimise waste and promote a circular economy, we use recycled packaging materials whenever possible. Our packaging is designed with sustainability in mind, focusing on minimalism and functionality. We encourage responsible disposal and provide clear instructions for recycling or reusing our packaging.

We value transparency, accountability, and stakeholder engagement. Regular assessment and improvement of our CSR initiatives are essential, and we comply with environmental regulations while seeking opportunities to exceed them. Our CSR journey is ongoing, and we invest in research and development for innovative solutions. By sharing our progress, we aim to inspire others to join us in creating lasting positive change for communities, the environment, and future generations.

At turboTEM, corporate social responsibility is at the core of our business philosophy. Join us on this path towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

Hometree Ennistymon Volunteer Day