Meet the turboTEM Team

The turboTEM team is a spin-out from the Ultramicroscopy Research Group based at the Advanced Microscopy Laboratory, Trinity College Dublin.

Dr Lewys Jones

Dr Lewys Jones

CEO & Co-founder

Lewys is the CEO and co-founder of turboTEM. He is also the principal investigator of the Ultramicroscopy research group and creator of the user adjustable pole-piece.

Fletcher Thompson

Fletcher Thompson

COO & Co-founder

Fletcher is the business development manager and turboTEM operations coordinator.

Dr Jonathan Peters

Dr Jonathan Peters

CTO & Co-founder

Jonathan is the lead researcher and designer.

Mayra Jones

Mayra Jones

Operations Officer

Mayra is the Operations Officer and provides support to the executive team.

About turboTEM

  • We build

    turboTEM supports impactful R&D, high-tech manufacturing, and sustainable careers on the island of Ireland. 

  • We are independent

    turboTEM aims to develop solutions that support microscopists globally across all vendors and platforms. 

  • We iterate

    Try, test, try again. At turboTEM we continually review, revisit and revise practices across everything we do with all team-members having an equal voice. 

  • We welcome

    We are a team strengthened by respecting our diverse backgrounds, experiences, lifestyles and cultures.

  • We balance

    Work and play, team and family, science and business – never driving one to the exclusion of the other.